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Chocolate Labrador Welcome sign (wood)
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Silver Lab Night light
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Silver Lab Puppy Mug
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Silver Lab Mug 3
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Silver Labrador Mug 2
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Silver Lab Mug
mz-slab1 $15.95
Silver Labrador Puppy Wall Clock
16rcz-slabp3 $45

Our Unique Dog Breed Gift Store

If you are looking for a great Dog Breed Gift Item, or Dog Breed Merchandise, you have come to the right place. This is a Gift Store for all dog breed merchandise, for anyone and everyone that owns a dog, or loves dogs, regardless of whether you own a purebred dog such as a Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Dalmation or a Cairn Terrier, or if you own a rescue or even a mixed breed or mutt, we are sure we have something for you, from the best Dog Breed Gift Store, offering the best Dog Breed Merchandise and Dog Breed Products that you will find anywhere.

Family owned and operated

Our Store is a family owned and operated business, therefore our clients are given the utmost attention and care. When you order from "The Labrador Store All Breed Dog Gift Store", you can be assured that you are ordering from one of the members of our family, which means when you contact us you talk to a real person, not a hired answering service, or hired help, and you will deal with us personally. Because of this you will find that our customer service is outstanding and customer satisfaction is our main goal. We have been business owners and self employed for over 30 years, and we have found that word of mouth is our best form of advertizing, thus our reputation with our clients is of utmost importance to us. Our main priority is "Client Satisfaction".

Top Quality Products

We build our great reputation on not only exceptional customer service, but we make sure that our products are of top quality, with exceptional workmanship and artwork, that we can be proud of, and you can be assured that we do not and will not offer sub-par products to our clients. Again our main priority is "Client Satisfaction Guaranteed". We are proud to offer the products we offer in our store.

We are continually attending new product fairs and wholesale marts, to find new and exciting dog breed gift items and dog breed merchandise, to offer to our clients. We are also in search of new products, all the time. Our artists and designers (all family members) are constantly creating new designs for our products, and creating new dog gift items, to carry in our store. A lot of the items you find here in our Dog Gift Store, are custom to The Labrador Store and you will not find these items anywhere else. Being a dog breeder and exhibitor for over 20 years, we know how passionate dog owners are, and thus we are just as passionate about our products that we offer to our clients.

Custom All Breed Dog Gift Items and Dog Breed Merchandise

Another thing we offer that other Dog Gift Stores dont, is we offer many custom dog items and designs, that you will not find anywhere else but here at "The Labrador Store All Breed Dog Gift Store". We offer custom work and custom pictures on some of our dog signs, our dog stickers and dog bumper stickers, and custom painting on some of our dog statues, and custom painted dog Christmans ornaments. If you have a dog that has a rare and unique coat color, or unique markings, that you can not find in your breed (such as a lilac or blue boston terrier, or a red/tan rottie, or perhaps a blue weimaraner), hope is not lost for finding a dog gift Item, such as a dog ornament or dog note pad holder, with your breeds color represented. Whatever the breed, whatever the color, whatever the markings, we have many items that are custom hand painted for our clients that own these unique colored or unique patterned dogs, so that they too can have a dog night light, dog sticker, or dog sign, with their breed/color on it. We also offer many of our items in custom designs, taken from pictures that our clients have sent us, of their dogs, in which we create Dog breed signs and pictures, dog tags and stickers, with their dogs pictures on it, or in the case of Dog breed ornaments and figurines or statues, we hand paint them to have the same coat colors and markings as the clients dog. So at "The Labrador Store All Breed Dog Gift Store", you will find a gift item for every dog lover that you know, no matter what kind of dog breed they own and what color that dogs markings and coats are, and you can even find dog breed gift items for those friends that own rescues, or mixed breed dogs. Feel free to contact us if you have a dog that has a unique coat color or unique markings on it, as we may be able to create for you, a custom dog gift item in your dogs breed and coat color.

All Breed Dog Gifts and Dog Breed Merchandise, offered by "The Labrador Store All Breed Dog Gift Store"

At the Labrador Store, we offer Dog gifts and dog breed merchandise available in all breeds. Our dog gift items and dog merchandise, is offered in over 150 different breeds, not just Labrador Retrievers, and we have gift items for those owners that have rescues and mixed breeds also. Occasionally we even have Cat gift items and Cat merchandise. We have gifts in the most popular breeds of dogs, including the Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd, the Yorkshire Terrier, the Pug, the Chihuahua, the Rottweiler, the Shih Tzu, the Bichon Frises, Boston Terriers and Bassett Hounds, (to name only just a few), to the more rare breeds of the Belgian Malinois and Belgian Tervurens, to Basenjis, Greyhounds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Bedlington Terriers, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Irish Wolfhounds, and every breed, and rare breed in between. If you dont see your breed represented here in our store, ask us about it and Im sure we can get great gift items in your breed also, We would love to add your favorite breed to our list of Dog Breed Merchandise and Dog Breed Gifts. If we dont have your favorite breed in the unique or rare coat color that you like or own, let us know and we will either create the merchandise for that rare breed or rare breed coat color (or rare marked breed), or we will find it. Many of our gift items, such as Dog Ornaments, Dog Stickers, Dog Signs, Dog Magnets, Dog Statues, Dog Tshirts, and Dog stationary, are created from our own dog designs, or are hand painted, so many of the items you see here at The Labrador Store All Breed Dog Gift Store, you will not find anywhere else. We also offer custom work for our clients, custom work in many of our Dog Gift items and Dog merchandise.

We offer an entire selection dog gifts for the dog lover in your life, whether it be for your home----like Dog Breed dish towels and Dog Breed canister sets or Dog Breed cutting boards, your car----like Dog Breed liscense plates and Dog Breed keychains, or even your yard----like Dog Breed flower pots, Dog Breed lawn ornaments, or Dog Breed statues, we think we have you covered with all the Dog Breed merchandise that we offer------Dog Breed car magnets and fridge magnets, mens ties with dogs on them, dog tshirts and dog sweat shirts, dog bags and dog wallets, dog signs to dog bumper stickers, dog magnets, dog writing pens, dog statues, dog figurines, dog mugs and dog tumblers, dog mousepads and dog clocks, dog socks and dog aprons, dog ornaments and dog note pads, dog wrapping paper and dog stationary, and even some gifts for the dogs in your life such as dog collars, dog bowls, dog leashes and dog tags. You may be looking for a Jack Russell magnet, or a Yorkshire Terrier Xing (crossing) sign, or you may prefer a Doberman mousepad, or a Shih Tzu clock or Shih Tzu Tshirt, or maybe you own a Golden Retriever and are looking for a Golden Retriever Tumbler glass or a Golden Retriever Ornament for your Christmas tree, or a Rottweiler road sign....... Whatever your breed, and whatever the item you are looking for, anything your heart desires, with dogs on it, and your breed on it, we probably carry, and if not we are happy to try to get it or create it for you.

Labrador Gifts and Labrador Retriever Merchandise, offered by The Labrador Store

Our store originally started as 'The Labrador Store' which offered exclusively Labrador Retriever Gift items and Labrador Retriever Merchandise (before we expanded to an all breed dog gift store). What makes our Labrador Store unique is that we offer all of our Labrador Retriever breed merchandise and Labrador Retriever Gift items, in every Labrador Retriever coat color, starting with the traditional coat colors of the Yellow Labrador, Chocolate Labrador, and Black Labrador, and special and unique to our store, we offer gift items in the exciting more rare, hard to find coat colors of the Labrador Retriever in the Silver Labrador, Charcoal Labrador, Champagne Labrador, Dudly Labrador, White Labrador and Fox Red Labrador. Many of our Labrador gift items are unique to our store and were custom created for our store only. You will not find many of our Labrador Retriever gift items, in other stores as they were created for us, with the help of our artists and with our own artwork and pictures, and you WILL NOT find any of our rare Labrador Retriever merchandise in any other store anywehre. Some of our gifts are hand painted by our own artists, in rare Labrador Retriever coat colors. Some of these items are our hand painted Silver Labrador and Charcoal Labrador Christmas ornaments, candle rings, note holders, statues, and figurines, and these items all come in the yellow, white, fox red, dudly, champagne, black, charcoal, silver and chocolate labrador retriever coat colors (we also offer these gift items in many other rare coat colors in other breeds also).

A lot of our items (Labrador statues, Labrador ornaments, Labrador magnets, Labrador retriever stickers, Labrador tshirts, Labrador clocks,) can be custom ordered, by the client, in the color of your Labrador Retrievers coat color (as well as in other breeds) and some of our items can be ordered with "YOUR" dog on them also (this also applies to all other breeds).

We offer a 'LINE' unique only to The Labrador Store, and that is our collection of the "Painted Lab" line of statues. We have several current designs ("HOPE"--our cancer tribute Lab, "Blossom"--our Spring Time Lab, "Troops" --our tribute to our trooops Lab), and many more that are in design right now and many new designs planned for the months to come. We also offer custom work in our "Painted Lab" line of statues. We will gladly take your order for a special design that you would like to incorporate in our "Painted Lab" line. If you have an idea and special desgin (for an anniversary or B-day or special occasion) that you would like painted on one of our "Painted Lab" statues, we do custom designs and orders, so feel free to contact us anytime. These statues (along with our Labrador Retriever Christmas ornaments and note pad holders) also come in the Labrador coat colors of the Yellow Labrador, Chocolate Labrador-dark to light card board color, Black Labrador, Silver Labrador, Charcoal Labrador, Champagne Labrador, White Labrador, Fox Red Labrador, and Dudly Labrador. Please contact us for info on these custom hand painted items. We are happy to paint these items in the coat color of your Labrador Retriever also.

My name is Hollie Schwandt, the owner here at The Labrador Store, and if you need anything, feel free to contct me personally at the email or phone # below. We hope you enjoy our beautiful and unique dog products and dog breed merchandise and that you enjoy your shopping experience with us here at If you have any questions, suggestions or custom orders, please feel free to contact us anytime at or by phone at 214.998.1886

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A unique one of a kind, on line dog breed gift store, offering products and merchandise in all breeds. Our specialty is unique Labrador breed merchandise in the rare coat colors of the Labrador Retriever, in silver, charcoal, champagne, fox red, white, and dudly yellow, along with traditional coat colors of yellow, black, and chocolate