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About the Company

The is a family owned and operated business. We have been dog owners and lovers for as long as I can remember. Our dog breed store was started because of the love and passion we have for our dogs. We ourselves, were always buying dog items for the house, signs, nick nacs, pens and tablets, magnets, etc, we bought it all and I started to think that it would be tons of fun to start my own dog store. Our family has been breeding and showing our Labradors for over 18 years and thus we started the first phase of The Labrador Store, which offered only Labrador breed gift items to start. With the sucess of the store and its exclusively Labrador gift line, and requests from our clients for us to offer all breed gift items, we decided to expand our store to include and offer gift items in all dog breeds. After all, we have ourselves, owned many breeds over the years and we have always loved ALL dogs.



Whether you are a breeder of purebred dogs or a dog show professional, or if you are just a dog owner and lover, we are sure that you will love our products, as we now have something for every dog lover. You will find that our products are unique and of the highest quality.


As our company grows and expands, we are continuing to add products to our gift line, even still on a daily basis, so we hope you will book mark our store and continue to check back with us, often, to view our new products. We feel that we can never have enough products to offer our clients.


When the Labrador Store was started our goal was to offer Labrador breed gift items in not only the traditional coat colors of black, chocolate and yellow, but to offer our lab gift items in the more rare and beautiful coat colors of silver, charcoal, champagne, white, fox red, and even in the dudly lab color (yellow with liver/brown pigment and nose). We also wanted our store to offer some unique and custom designs, merchandise and artwork, unique only to our store. We feel we accomplised that with success! With the expansion of 'all breeds' in our store, we intended to offer all the breeds in traditional coat colors as well as offering all the breeds in rare and unique coat colors that are hard to find, along with offering gift items that you can only find here. We have found that many dog owners are looking for dog gift items--statues, signs, ornaments,---in their dogs unique coat colors or with their specific dogs markings, so we do offer custom work for many of our items. We offer many custom painted dog gift items and unique dog merchandise that you will only find in our store. Many of our designs are derived from original pictures and paintings of our own dogs that we have owned through the years as well as dogs belonging to our friends and family. In our opinion every dog is beautiful no matter what the breed or color.



Whether our family was offering puppies to loving families, or now, offering our dog products to our clients, we have always prided ourselves in offering the best quality merchandise available and we have always held our standards very high. It is no different with this business that our family owns and operates. Our priority is client satisfaction, so you can expect our products and merchandise to be top quality. We have always been a firm believer in the words, "a happy customer is the best form of advertizing". Our family has owned and operated an service business here where we live, for over 40 years now, and we no longer have to have any sort of advertizing, as word of mouth does that for us, as well as the reputation of good, honest service that we have built up. We hope your experience with shopping at our store, will be a satisfying one and therefore you will want to pass our name onto all your dog owning and loving, friends and family. Your satisfaction is what is important to us.



We are trying to aquire and produce, gifts and merchandise in every dog breed and every color. But If you dont happen to see your Breed or if you have a special request, just send us an email. Some breeds are harder to find gifts in than others but we are constantly searching out new suppliers and attending marts to make new contacts for new merchandise in as many breeds as possible. We have also done many custom items for our clients in the past, and if we dont have your breed we are happy to try to find merchandise or design merchandise for your special breed, and if you dont see your dogs breed in your dogs coat color, let us know, send us a pic, and we may have some items that we can actually custom paint that would have the same markings and coat color as your dog. We do offer some items that can be made from pics of your own dogs also, like watches, tshirts, tags, and other different items. We strive to meet your desires and your input is important to us, so please feel free to email or call anytime, we would love to talk with you.



We are always happy to speak with you about our products, your requests, to answer your questions or help you with your order, so please feel free to contact us personally at any time. Unlike a lot of on line stores, when you call you will speak personally to either me or my husband, not our hired help, and probably more likely it will be me that you talk to. Since we do speak with each person personally and answer our own calls personally, you may get our phone machine so if you do please leave us a msg and we will get back with you right away. You may reach us by phone at 214-998-1886 or you can email us at


We look forward to our clients being able to share our love of these wonderful animals with us, as pictured and captured in our beautufil products, and we look forward to doing business with you.